About us

Story of TARA Group Pakistan revolves around relentless efforts, sheer dedication and a focused pursuit to making dreams come true. It is an entrepreneurial case study that how self-believe, faith and teamwork can do wonders. It is a living example of leadership manifestation through turmoil. It was October 2012 when TARA Group formally launched its business operations. The TEAM took responsibility to compete business giants empty handed and this was not a new thing. The Team had a proven track record to transform small scale businesses into multi-billion corporate giants under steadfast leadership of Dr. Khalid Hameed, the Chairman of TARA Group. Dr. Khalid Hameed is an uncontested industry icon. He is recognized and acknowledged as a man of crises who take right decisions in hard conditions.
Under his dynamic leadership, TARA Group became industry leader within no time. In 2017 – within 5 years of initiating business – TARA Group’s yearly business revenue reached to Rs.6 billion and it is ascending rapidly. In this short period, TARA Group managed to launch six companies (detail given below) to cater different business needs of customers.

1. TARA Imperial Industries (Pvt) Limited

2. TARA Crop Sciences (Pvt) Limited

3. Imperial Crop Sciences (Pvt) Limited

4. Star Industries (Pvt) Limited

5. TARA Packages (Pvt) Limited

6. Star Agro Sciences (Pvt) Limited

7. TARA Crop Sciences Seeds (Pvt) Limited

8. Imperial Crop Sciences Seeds (Pvt) Limited

Formulation Plant of TARA Group – which was set up in 2013 – has become competitive advantage of TARA Group due to its unique formulation processes, state of the art equipment, strict standards of Quality Control, high caliber human resource, best quality raw material and uncompromising safety standards. The Plant has won various quality certifications and accreditations e.g. ISO / IEC 17025:2005.

Laboratory is a back bone of any formulation plant and Plant of TARA Group has one of the best Pesticides and Fertilizer Laboratory of Agrochemical Industry. Our Laboratory standards have been endorsed by competent regulatory authorities.

TARA Group is providing direct employment opportunities to 1,000 individuals in various disciplines and aggressively investing on its Human Capital which is ONE BIG reason of this unparalleled success.

Our Vision

To become a trusted and leading name in Agrochemical industry of Pakistan.

Our Mission

To improve quality of life of our customers & employees by delivering quality services & innovative solutions.

Core Values

  • Integrity and Honesty – delivering commitments
  • Quality customer services – delivering quality products & services to enhance productivity of our customers
  • Respect & Care – Listening to the feedback
  • Excellence – Beating our own standards of performance
  • Safety & Health – Ensure health of community and environment