29 April, 2022



Based on the popular role-playing role-playing game of the same name.

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2 August, 2021

Get Out 2017 DVDR Full Movie Torrent


Get Out (2017) English

Screenshot. Friends The Reunion 2021

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21 June, 2021

John Wick 3 movie torrent



Video: 1700 Kbps


RUNTiME: 2 hours 10 min 43 s

TUBLET: English when required

AUDIO: 192 Kbps AC3




NOTE: Enjoy. El Agente Topo The Mole Agent

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18 May, 2021

Boku No Hero Academia The Movie fast-dl Download Full Movie Torrent


My heroes grow as heroes 2019 720p (ENG + JAP) BluRay H264 BONE

Video: 1280×536 1000 kb H264 MP4

Sound: 2×96 kb ACC English / Japanese

Duration: 1 43 min

Source: ()

Quotes: English

A group of young people who want to be professional heroes are fighting in a world full of capable people, also known as strange. Deku and his classmates from the Hero Academy meet Nine, the worst man of all time.

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16 May, 2021

Monuments 2020 WEB-DL movie torrent


The young widow escapes grief, loss and the dysfunction of the marriage as she steals the ashes of her wife and enters an impulsive odyssey into the heart of America to find what was lost long before she died.
Authors of Jack K. Newell:
Rebecca Fons (short story), Jack S. Newell Stars:
Margarita Moreau, Rivka Reyes, Joel Murray | The young widow escapes grief, loss and the dysfunction of the marriage when she steals the ashes of her wife and goes through an American heart to an impulsive odyssey to find what she lost long before her death. Voyagers 2021 480p Download Free Movie Torrent .

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13 May, 2021

Mainstream 2020 Télécharger Film Torrent


Dans cette histoire d’avertissement, trois personnes s’efforcent de préserver leur identité alors qu’elles forment un triangle d’amour excentrique à l’ère de l’Internet rapide.
Gia Coppola Auteur:
Tom Stuart (script désactivé), Gia Coppola (script désactivé) | Dans cette histoire édifiante, trois personnes luttent pour préserver leur identité alors qu’elles forment un triangle d’amour excentrique à l’ère d’Internet au rythme effréné.

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7 May, 2021

Saw 9: Spiral 2021 HDRip.AAC Full Movie Torrent


In Spiral, the terrifying new chapter of Saw, the criminal unleashes a twisted form of justice.
Darren Lynn Bousman Authors:
Josh Stolberg, Pete Goldfinger Stars:
Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan David Jones | In the shadow of their father, a respected police veteran (Samuel L. Jackson), Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks (Chris Rock) and his roommate (Max Minghella) take the lead in a gruesome investigation into the murders they remember. the city’s gruesome past. Unconsciously trapped in an addictive mystery, Zeke finds herself in the middle of a killer sickly game.. John Wick 3 pirate download full movie torrent

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24 April, 2021

The Professor WEB DL x264 Rolly Free Movie Torrent


A university professor lives his life with careless rejection when he is diagnosed with a terminal illness.


Wayne Roberts

Write for writers

Wayne Roberts … (written by)

Transfers (in refund order) are completed and awaiting approval

Johnny Depp Johnny Depp … Richard

Rosemarie DeWitt Rosemarie DeWitt … Veronica

Young Odessa Young Odessa … Olivia

Danny Huston Danny Huston … Peter

Zoey Deutch Zoey Deutch … Claire

Devon Terrell Devon Terrell … Danny

Ron Livingston Ron Livingston … Henry

Linda Emond Linda Emond Barbara

Matreya Scarrwener Matreya Scarrwener … Roos

Siobhan Fallon Hogan Siobhan Fallon Hogan … Donna

Paloma Kwiatkowski Paloma Kwiatkowski … Give the name of the student

Kaitlyn Bernard Kaitlyn Bernard … Taylor

Michael Kopsa Michael Kopsa … doctor

Dion Riley Dion Riley … male student # 1

Justine Warrington Justine Warrington … rapporteur

Ken Kramer Ken Kramer … Professor Emeritus

Christine Willes Christine Willes … Widow # 1

Denalda Williams Denalda Williams … Widow # 2

Keith MacKechnie Keith MacKechnie … Ed

Dolores Drake Dolores Drake … Professor Emeritus

Debbie Podowski Debbie Podowski … Team Leader (like Deb Podowski)

Javier Lacroix Javier Lacroix … Santiago

Marilyn Norry Marilyn Norry … Henry’s secretary

Katherine Evans Katherine Evans … student # 1

Farrah Aviva Farrah Aviva … Lily

Maarten Bayliss Maarten Bayliss … student male # 2

Clive Holloway Clive Holloway … boy student # 3

Rohan Campbell Rohan Campbell … boy student # 4

Carolyn Yonge Carolyn Yonge … student # 2

Megan Hill Map Megan Hill Map … The girl in the pants

Liam Raymond Dib Liam Raymond Dib … Student No. 5 (as Liam Dib)

Robyn Bradley Robyn Bradley … professor

Bob Phipps Bob Phipps … Alcohol

Jessica Heafey Jessica Heafey … attractive women (like Jessica Heafy)

Brenda Matthews Brenda Matthews … woman # 1

Sidney Sidney … Bubble dog

Other actors in alphabetical order:

Alexa Berard Alexa Berard … student (uncredited)

Denis Corbett Denis Corbett … art lover (uncredited)

Yolanda Corbett Yolanda Corbett … art lover (uncredited)

Laurie Empey Laurie Empey … professor / faculty (uncredited)

Jocelyne Gaumond Jocelyne Gaumond … Marathon Runner (not returned)

Cole Henderson Cole Henderson … Sir Basil (not returned)

Kevina Lazari Kevina Lazari … student (not credited)

Brenda Matthews Brenda Matthews … wife # 1 (not returned)

Richard McBride Richard McBride … art lover professor (uncredited)

Rod Megill Rod Megill … Leo Baarmen (not returned)

Alain Mickelson Alain Mickelson … Latino Gardner (uncredited)


Braden Aftergood … producer

Fred Berger … responsible producer

Alastair Burlingham … co-producer

Rian Cahill … responsible producer

Warren Carr … producer

Charlie Dombek … co-producer

Stuart Ford … responsible producer

Diane Hendricks … responsible producer

Brian Kavanaugh-Jones … producer (producer)

David U. Lee … responsible producer

David Lipman … producer in charge

Karine Martin … responsible producer

Miguel Palos … responsible producer

Eric Schultz … producer in charge

Greg Shapiro … manufacturer (producer)

Steven Squillante … producer in chargeanswer

Jeff Stentz … producer in charge

JohnZois … responsible producer

Music writer

Aaron Dessner

Bryce Dessner



Editing movies



Kate Caldwell

Kara Eide … (casting positioning)

Melissa Kostenbauder

Kris Woz … (position casting)

Production designer

Annie Beauchamp

Artistic director

Kendelle Elliott

Set for decoration

Shannon Gottlieb

Costume designer

Carla Hetland

Cosmetology department

Gloria Pasqua Casny … hair stylist: Johnny Depp

Marie Clancy … hairdresser

Cara Doell … hairstylist

Ken Niederbaumer … makeup artist: Johnny Depp

Jessica Rain … head of the hair department

Khanh Trance … special makeup effects for hair: Johnny Depp

Mary Phan … makeup artist (not credited)

Production management

Warren Carr … Production Manager

Chris Wilson … Production Manager

Another unit director or assistant director

Adam McCarthy … third assistant director

Andrew Tran … third assistant director

Department of Arts

Michelle Allan … a real estate master

Jessica Aquila Cymerman … assistant to the art department

Tony Beck … director

Sean Blackie … wired furniture

Craig Henderson … construction coordinator

Kelly McLeod … a decor buyer

Rose Marie McSherry … buyer

Bernie Neufeld … the best green boy

Jenny Newman … graphic designer

Matthew Raitt … color coordinator

Christopher Mark Richardson … Master in Civil Engineering (Chris Richardsonina)

Rachel Terry … wardrobe

Carie Wallis … art department coordinator

Callum Webster … Deputy Director

Audio department

Sylvain Bellemare … sound designer

Dillon Bochon … maid

Luc Boudrias … re-recording the mixer

Valry Dufort-Boucher … adr editor / dialogue editor

Dan Edelstein … editor adr

Francis Gauthier … sound designer

Michael Leder … operator of the boom

Chris Navarro … adr mixer

Jeffrey Roy … adr mixer: Los Angeles

Stan Sakellaropoulos … adr assistant

Adam Sharpe … adr mixer

Joey Simas … why are you keeping his assistant again

Jerrell Suelto … adr mixer

Kelly Sombor … sound mixer

Author’s visual effects

Geoffery Antony … visual effects tutorials (like Romald Geoffery)

Raphaele Blanchard … artist tracker: Oblique FX

Tienne Bourdages … composer: Oblique FX

Benot Brire … vfx manufacturer: Oblique FX

Louis-Philippe Clavet … cg director: Oblique FX

David-Andr Coronel … composer: Oblique FX

Charles Road D’Amours … composer: Oblique FX

Valentin Delbroucq … assembly lesson: Italic FX

Alexandra Dennie … visual effects coordinator: Oblique FX

Emilie Fontaine … composer: Oblique FX

Patrick Gagnon … composer: Oblique FX

Heather Graham … animator: Leaning FX

Cedric Joly … layout: Oblique FX

Andranne Lamoureux … composer: Oblique FX

Maxime Lepage … texture artist: Oblique FX

Sylvain Lesaint … modeler: Italic FX

Charles Marchand … a fire artist

Sophie Martin … Visual Effects Production Manager: Oblique FX

Sybille Matte … composer: Oblique FX

Nicolas Michaud … composer: Oblique FX

Jade Morin … texture artist: Oblique FX

Theophile Mur … composer: Oblique FX

Thophile Mur … composer: Oblique FX

Steve Ouellette … composer: Oblique FX

Liana Poulin-Strasbourg … visual effects coordinator: Oblique FX

Etienne Rodrigue … texture artist: KaldusFX

Kinga Sabela … vfx producer: Oblique FX


Dan Redford … assistant stunt coordinator

Josias Tschanz … a master of tricks

OwenWalstrom… stunt coordinator

Camera and electrical department

Sean Cooke … another additional camera: the “a” camera

Frank Devine … a digital photography technician

Shane Goodenough … rigging

Michael Goyert … lighting technician

Justin Graf … lighting technician

John Helme … idiot

Justin Huta … the best electrician

John J. Dubb Williams … lighting technician

Steve Krasznai … camera operator: camera operator / Steadicami “b”

Kai Lydgate … lighting technician

Steve McLean … lighting technician

Shane McLeod … first assist camera: “b” camera

Brian Shaw … another extra camera

Jordan Shelton … lighting engineer

Jacob Slovak … other camera assistant: camera “b”

Nick Watson … first assist camera: “a” camera

Lyle Priel … lamp user (not returned)

Casting department

Andrea Brown … additional acting director

Natalie Sutcliffe … additional assistant actress

Wardrobe and wardrobe section

Denise Barrett … costume series director

Pamela Cameron … personal client: Johnny Depp

Melissa Sharon David … assistant costume designer

Dawn Gray … assistant costume designer

Barb Nixon … the auxiliary costume designer

Christina Petford … truck driver

Editorial department

Randi Atkins … assistant journalist

Marc Boucrot … dye

Alexis Cadorette-Vigneau … technical supervisor

Scott McKenzie … coloring: daily

Matthew Willis … editorial assistant

Location management

Angel Foisy … assistant trainee location manager

Mark Kandborg … the location of the spy

Dan Kuzmenko … location manager

Ken MacAlpine … location researcher

Chrissy Mozylisky … Deputy Manager

Kory Orban … Assistant Administrator

Jenna-Lee Perkins … location assistant (uncredited)

Music department

Charles M. Baramian … music consultant

Rob Lowry … music teacher

Meghan Persons … music consultant (Meghan Kozlosky)

Andy Ross … music consultant

Scenarios and Continuity Department

Jessica Clothier … screenwriter

Additional team

Katie Emma Affleck … production assistant

Sarah Amerongen … key production assistant

Christina Bulbrook … legal advisor

Suzy Carlson … production assistant

Malcolm Carter … production assistant

Dale Cornick … post production auditor / production accountant

Ian Doig … animal coordinator

Michael J. Harker … bond agent

Louise Hestuine … publisher of the unit

Nathan Holmes … assistant: Johnny Depp

Plamena Koutzarova … production coordinator

Steven Learmonth … second assistant as production coordinator

Wendy Lowe … payroll calculator

Brittany Lum-Cho … assistant director

Grace MacLeod … a leading animal trainer

Oksana Maslechko … production assistant

Cameron Mason … principal production assistant

Denny McArthur … assistant accountant

Christie McPhee … Customs Coordinator

Madeline Miller … in business

Panta Mosleh … production coordinator

Brian Nitzkin … important business law

Shannon More O’Ferrall … location assistants (such as Shannon More-O’Ferrall)

Jim Pesoli … producer in charge

Ronnie Rodriguez … photo cake: Johnny Depp

Jonathan Saba … studio director

Charmaine Tam … translator

Ilona Tigere … production assistant

Mariela Zapata … a substitute

Rebecca Zhang … office production assistant

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18 March, 2021

The Available Wife 2020 Clean Audio download full movie torrent


Genre: Director: Jamal Hill
Stars: Terayle Hill, Roger Guenveur Smith, Clifton Powell, KJ Smith, Anwan Glover
Plot: When money, movement, power and lies collide, beautiful and successful music director Nicole Wright crumbles in front of her. https://taragroup.com.pk/dear-mr-brody-2021-pdvd-free-download-torrent/
When she leaves her husband and son, the lies that built her musical empire threaten to break her up. While she has a relationship with Kingston, a sexy artist who grows and promises her everything, Nicole learns the hard way it can look, can cheat, and her motives are as dark as her secrets.
Houer = Matroska (avi)
Length = 01:40
File size = 1 GiB
Codec Information = AVC | V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolution = 720×404
Show AR = | 16: 9
Bit rate = 1500 kbps
Framerate = CFR color space = YUV
Part of Chrome = 4: 2: 0
Encoder = x264 – core 159
Codec Information = AC-3 | A_AC3
Channel = 6
Bit rate = CBR 384 kbps
Sampling = kHz
Language = English

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