27 September, 2021

CCleaner Professional Plus 5 gulfy 32/64 Bit Download Torrent


Piriform CCleaner Professional Plus is a collection of the latest versions of Piriform Software, combined in a common envelope, which will help make your computer faster, safer and guarantee your stable and confidential work.

We receive many inquiries from our users who want to buy all of our products in one package. So we listened and we are happy to announce that we are launching CCleaner Professional Plus, a 4-in-1 product that includes all professional versions of CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, and Speccy. With our proprietary technology products, you can regain full control of your PC and keep working like new: make it faster and more secure with fewer glitches, recover lost files, and keep track of what’s inside your PC, with detailed statistics. about every piece of hardware. . .

CCleaner: a utility to clean garbage in the operating system. https://taragroup.com.pk/ccleaner-5-84-32-bit/
In the course of its work, CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) searches for and removes unused files. These include: cookies, history, site visits in IE, temporary files on the Internet, search strings, files, junk, etc.

Also look for temporary files of third-party applications: Firefox, Opera, Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Office XP, Nero, Alcohol 120, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip, GetRight, Morpheus, Download Accelerator Also VirtualDub , ZoneAlarm and many others. It can be cleaned in the Windows registry, freeing it from unnecessary extensions to the old dll library and inappropriate ways that accumulate in large quantities, especially after installing and uninstalling various programs.


CCleaner Professional

Defraggler Professional

Recuva Professional

Professional characteristics

What’s new:


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  • CCleaner Professional Plus 5 Download Free Torrent

25 September, 2021

WYSIWYG Web Builder 16 Torrent Download


WYSIWYG Web Builder is application software for designing a non-coding website. The WYSIWYG concept of this software says it all: what you see is what you see, it means that everything you see is what you get. In fact, users of this software who are unfamiliar with coding and various web technologies can easily place the objects and objects they want, such as buttons, images, text boxes, forms, and pages, and finally standards. Newspapers like HTML5 and output languages ​​like PHP. Websites designed by this program are responsive, meaning that the design of website elements is adapted to the screen size of the device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) and the website visitor can easily see the content of our website.

This software supports the relatively new HTML5 standard for audio and video use; You can easily embed YouTube videos on your site or embed Flash video files on your site. In addition, like many websites, you can use slide shows, beautiful image galleries, sensitive images and text, and more. Lastly, you have several menus, navigation panels, and many other features that your site may need. These programs / programs are very suitable for beginners who want to prepare the desired website very quickly without having to deal with codes.

WYSIWYG web designer features:

Design of sensitive websites

Ability to decorate and reduce HTML / CSS / Javascript code size

It supports ScrollSpy and Affix, smooth scrolling, multiple conversions and

Create a page, a full page, such as Bootstrap and

To install elements at different levels and adjust the responsiveness of the website in different sizes

Ability to create video galleries, slide shows, upload pages, retinal images, rotating animations, and various font and icon packages


necessary system

Windows 10 / Windows / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista

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  • WYSIWYG Web Builder 16 Torrent

23 September, 2021

Realtek HD Audio Drivers x64 Download Torrent


Basic Free Sound Quality Drivers Realtek HD Audio Drivers X64 is a free driver that will allow you to listen to high quality sound on supported 64-bit computers. These are basic tools and equipment that will change the way you hear your computer’s voice, but are not easy to install, manage, or find. If your computer supports Realtek audio, this is something you want to have access to a device that is always easy to operate. Drivers are essentially software that allows other types of software to communicate with computer hardware. They affect different aspects, so you may have one set of devices that talk to the device with a keyboard, another that talks to the video device, and a third that provides audio, and so on. You will need to update them to make sure they are “working effectively again”, so you may want to consider downloading Realtek Audio (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Downloading and installing the famous Realtek HD Audio Driver is unpredictable to download and install. If you’re lucky, the whole process is quite simple – download, open and follow the installation wizard. Even in the best case, it takes a while – the old device needs to be uninstalled and the computer restarted, and the new one needs to be installed and the computer needs to be restarted. You as a user need to do a little, but you need to let it play. If you’re unlucky, your computer will also use this time to install other updates, which will slow down the process even more. Interacting with your Realtek driver Depending on your computer, interacting with your driver will be easier. Some users will be able to use a Windows Store application called the Realtek Audio Console. Others need to interact with the device by accessing Realtek program files and opening RtkNGUI64, while more people need to access the Realtek Audio HD manager viacontrol panel. The range of these options is confusing, and the fact that it’s hard to know which one is right for you means that only users who are very interested in their audio arrangement will be bothered to follow it to the end. Making changes to the audio layout If you have successful access to the graphical interface for your Realtek HD audio device, you may have access to various options for how you listen to music. Chances are that you can edit the recording and playback options. For speakers, you can configure where the sound comes from (left or right speakers) and how loud it is. You can also select the default format for playing CDs and DVDs, choose between 16 and 24 bits, and then listen to the settings you have selected. For recording options, you can also change the left / right balance, as well as turn the remote recording on or off (this allows your voice to be picked up from the microphone even when you are not in front of it), or turn off the microphone effect. Another available option is to increase the microphone to different decibel levels to increase your voice when recording. Finally, you can click the info icon where you will see complete information about your device, including: Audio driver version DirectX version Audio controller Audio encoder Audio Several users report also has a sound effects section that gives you a long list of effects available with powerful equalizer to reduce the perceived difference in volume. There are different options for amplifying the speakers / headphones with different effects. You can also use the native equalizer and voice cancellation functions to adjustthe sound effect to a level that suits you. Why sophisticated Realtek HD audio device drivers have a reputation for being quite sophisticated. The main reason is that it is very difficult to predict what will actually appear on yourscomputer – if it appears at all. Not only are there different ways to interact with the software, even when you have a specific graphical interface, but there may also be different options enabled or disabled, depending on the computer you are working on, this application will improve There is no doubt that Realtek HD X64 audio drivers will greatly help to enhance your audio experience on a 64-bit Windows computer – just hope it’s not as inconvenient to use! Unfortunately, if you want your audio devices to be in excellent condition (and you want to have control over their performance), you have no choice but to dive in and see what and where you can access and change. For the rest of us, editing the Realtek HD Audio Drive will seem like an annoying step. If you think you could, ignore them and squeeze your sonic fingers will not cause you a problem. You may be lucky and be able to completely avoid confusing the driver. What’s new The latest version of this driver updates PCIe FE / GBE 10028 to version 10034 for Windows 10.

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  • Realtek HD Audio Drivers x64 Download Free Torrent

22 September, 2021

Driver Booster Free 64-Bit Download Torrent


Updating Windows Drivers Free Driver Booster Free is software designed to update old or outdated drivers in the Windows operating system. It constantly checks the drivers of your hardware and updates all the old ones and those that no longer work. The performance optimization tools developed by IOBit require just one click to function and are suitable for both experienced and beginners. In addition to updating drivers, free and advanced software also enhances computer games from older drives. If you find that your computer is slow or has performance issues, you might be using a driver that no longer complements your computer hardware. These obsolete drives result in slower response times, poor sound, poor image quality, and frequent network outages. Although most operating systems offer periodic updates, some drivers for older systems do not always find old or non-functional amplifier drivers and are updated to the latest version. It consists of a database with more than 3 million game drivers and components, including NVIDIA, AMD and Intel. It also looks for outdated game components such as Microsoft DirectX Runtime and Adobe Flash. In addition to updating your Windows device, this tool also offers a number of tools to help you improve the performance of games on your device. This allows you to troubleshoot hardware issues, view all system information, and create a variety of tools to update recovery drives with a simple interface and large scan buttons. When the scan is complete, it will not launch the browser to manually download the update. Instead, it runs in the background without much user input. Therefore, updating obsolete drivers with this tool is much easier and independent of other driver updates and manual scanning capabilities. When you download Driver Boosterand install it on your computer, you can start scanning. If you do not click Scan, the driver update will start troubleshooting automatically within 5 seconds of installation. After approximately 2 minutes, the driver upgrade tool displays a list of all deprecated drivers for this device. You can choose to update with a single click or check drive information before showing users detailed information about outdated drives they find. This includes the drive name, installed version, date, publisher, and category. It also shows users the latest available version and release date. Users can update drivers, change update options, uninstall drivers or update all drivers at once! This will notify you in advance if you encounter network problems and program crashes while updating drivers. While fixes are continuing in the background, some updated disks may require a restart event in which you want the application to restart the system automatically. You can select the appropriate option. However, you can skip this option and restart your computer manually. Driver Booster also notifies users about the status of each driver – whether it is OK, loading, updating or waiting to be restarted. After you click Update All, all the drivers for your device will be updated at the moment, about 5 to 30 tools and the Free Driver Download feature run in the background and you do not see the installation window. In addition, it divides drivers into two categories: old and very old. It also shows the number of days since the last full system scan. The control panel contains several tools for removing driver packages, correcting system errors, troubleshooting network problems, and cleaning various driver update tools.program. Without an active connection, the driver may appear to work, but it will not display accurate information or all available drivers. The software also has a professional version that includes some additional features and is it more reliable to show that the latest Driver Booster is completely free? Yes, Driver Booster is a free driver update for all Windows to Windows 10 operating systems. It has a paid professional partner that includes additional features. Discord free download torrent The premium version of the Driver Update Tool includes automatic download and update, as well as the ability to back up all drivers. When you purchase a license, all you need to do is enter the key to activate the professional driver driver option? Although Driver Booster is quite popular, there are several options. If you want to update the drivers on your Windows device, you can look at tools like Snappy Driver Installer, Driver Easy and Driver Genius I that download Driver Booster. Users often forget to update drivers; this slows down system performance and network problems. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to download a free driver. It updates old drivers and ensures that your computer only works with the latest version. Scanning and repair options are easy to use, and all outdated drivers can be updated with a piece of software running in the background and keeping the system up to date. It also shows the user the days that have elapsed since the last system scan and shows all the information about the drive that needs to be updated. The versatile program also has a professional version for anyone interested in additional features..

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  • Driver Booster Free Update Download Free Torrent

22 September, 2021

Tally ERP 9 haboulz torrent download


Tally Solutions Free ERP 9 is a free ERP platform for business resources that helps you meet all business development challenges. The best side of this ERP package is undoubtedly its adaptability. Accounting firms benefit from software like Tally ERP 9. Other similar programs include CAFLOU, Deskera, Express Accounts, and Sage. With Service 9 you can manage your resources, orders, inventory, invoice and have a 360 rating of everything your business has to do with it to stay updated. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Is Tally ERP 9 good? 9 is an accounting solution that helps you manage your accounting department and your business. In a remote work environment, you can perform business transfers, review inventory status reports, and print documents. The ultimate goal is to help businesses keep their finances under control. Its goal is to facilitate activities such as financial analysis, reporting and modeling, where you work, you can share details with your accountant, staff, and other professionals. The program is easy to configure and allows gradually (an option that allows you to activate functions if necessary). 9 is a powerful business solution with original simplicity, including banking, billing, revenue, purchasing, inventory, expenses, labor costs, and many remote control, security monitoring, and audit and control capabilities designed to do an excellent job and also provide you with tranquility. . Regardless of the question, 9 makes business processes and life so much easier for you. It has a number of functions that help employees manage and track daily accounting transactions. It’s easy to set up, has a low total cost, and is the simplest and most versatile accounting software and platform for nine tough jobs. It enables you to track payments and receipts, as well as effectively track inventory and track supply and sales; and Tally can automatically generate income statements and balance sheets.

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  • Tally ERP 9 torrent download

20 September, 2021

Windows 10 Pro VL X64 OEM ESD MULTi-7 MAY 2020 {Gen2} download torrent


* Windows 10 Pro VL X64 OEM ESD MULTi-7 MAY 2020

* Build version 1909

* To upload a file:

* Size: 4.27 GB

* Format: ISO bootable

* CRC32: 0c039576

* MD5: da54aec54a1ca4a7ee0bf7e411616d1d

* SHA-1: 4b15111b73d236d807a4035494c7a90f405cde7d


Integrated / pre-installed:

* Service stack update:

* KB4552152

* General Update:

* KB4556799

NET system

* Total update of

NET system and:

* KB4552931

* Flash Player Security Update:

* KB4537759

Installation complete / after installation:

* Defender Updates



* ENGLISH (United States)





* Windows 10 Specialist – STD

* Windows 10 Specialist – FOR

* Windows 10 Specialist – OEM

* STD = standard installation – for people with their license key

* DLA = Digital License Activation (HWID)

* OEM – automatically activates after installation

* Same version, natural materials

* UEFI ready

* (Use the integrated Rufus USB service to turn on UEFI)

* Recognition and Renewal Tool (Microsoft DaRT)

* mounted in recovery format ()

* Create a bootable USB stick (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (enclosed) or burn to DVD-DL at low speed. Windows 10 X64

* WindowsAddict, author of Windows activation document

* I hope you enjoy this edition!


* Generation2

Windows 10 X64 20H2 10in1 OEM in US JAN 2021

Build the 20H2 version

* To upload a file:

* Size: 6.74 GB

* Format: ISO bootable

* CRC32: 5f74e608

* MD5: b3fca8c69c9dc408873ef9fec2b9501c

* SHA-1: a6760a07ba3a963c4f8e41fb6f372e89b41c1edc

Integrated / pre-installed:

* Service stack update:

* KB4598481

* General Update:

* KB4598242

* NET system

* Total update of

* NET system and:

* KB4586876

Installation complete / after installation:

* Defender Updates


* Windows 10 – – – – STD / DLA / OEM

* Windows 10 Pro – – – – – STD / DLA / OEM

* Windows 10 Education – – STD / DLA

* Windows 10 business – STD / DLA

* STD = standard installation – for people with their license key

* DLA = Digital License Activation (HWID)

* OEM – automatically activates after installation

* Same version, natural materials

* UEFI ready

* divided into UEFI support (FAT32)

* (Use the integrated Rufus USB service to turn on UEFI)

* Recognition and recovery tool (only)

* Create a bootable USB stick (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (enclosed) or burn to DVD-DL at low speed.

* Windows_Addict, author of Windows activation document

* I hope you enjoy this edition!


* Generation2.

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  • Windows 10 Pro VL X64 OEM ESD MULTi-7 MAY 2020 {Gen2} Download Torrent

18 September, 2021

Microsoft Office 2013 download


Important note. Microsoft Office 2013 is no longer the download button for the program that directs you to the latest version of Office. You can also find the Premium version and create your best work with Office 365. Known uses, new ((function {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); With the new touch-optimized reading mode in Word 2013, you can slide documents with your fingers. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus also edits PDFs without the need for additional software, making it a direct competitor to Adobe Excel2013, a new feature called Flash Fill that automatically fills in a range of selected cells. The new Microsoft Office 2013 Quick Scan feature allows you to preview certain formatting options for a 2013 spreadsheet that divide presenter mode into two different audience and presenter views. more details. On tablets, you can use your fingers to move between slides, draw with a stylus for a movie conference, or use a virtual laser for all views. Outlook 2013 combines a step-by-step menu for appointments, contacts, and tasks. Outlook 2013 e-mail is now supported on the tablet and can be viewed in an optimized list view with larger areas, if desired.
Project IGI torrent download
Optimized touch usage and minimal design in Windows 8 When you use Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, you’ll notice many changes. The famous bar expands only when needed and is optimized for the fingertips of the touch screens. In addition to images, embed videos using HTML code in Microsoft Office 2013Professional Plus. All applications include a new touch-optimized screen Office 2013 Professional Plus uses the same minimalist tile design as Windows 8, and everything looks good. There are large, well-organized icons for the most important features, while the new templates offer visually appealing spreadsheets and presentations. Conclusion: Enhanced Office Suite Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus includes many useful features that allow you to selectively use touch screen devices. Unfortunately, Office Suite does not support tablets. Many elements and options are too small for the untrained features of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, but they are much more compelling: the PDF editor offers many advanced co-editing options, cloud integration with Skydrive, and add-ons such as embedding YouTube videos. great innovations. If you are looking for a cheaper option that is compatible with MS Office, you can always consult WPS Office.

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  • Microsoft Office 2013 torrent download

17 September, 2021

Windows 10 Entreprise LTSC pt-BR/pt-PT/es-ES x64 MAR 2021 scaricare


Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (ISO completo)


Architettura: x64

Cdito: Gleison Lima

MD5: 7C2B46845AF9601EC664CCC3560DBB5E

=== LINGUA ===




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  • Windows 10 Entreprise LTSC pt-BR/pt-PT/es-ES x64 MAR 2021 torrent

14 September, 2021

Windows 7 Pro/Ult – 10 Editio pt-BR x64 2021 download torrent


Windows 7 2021 FULL


====== Link =======

Senha para descompactao

Architecture: x64

Tamanho resolution: 3 GB

Idiom: pt-BR (Nativo)

BIOS: UEFI / Legacy

Format: ISO / ESD


==== LOANS ====


==== EDIES ====

Win7 Pro – 10Edition

Win7 Ult-10Edition

=== INTEGRADO ====

* MS Dart – Startup

* NET framework

* NET framework

* DirectX

* Driver

* Driver

* Driver for nVME

* LAN and WLAN drivers

* Internet Explorer 11

* Important and current issues

* Windows Defender Themes

==== TOPIC ====

* Novose icons for Wimdows 10

* His window 10

* Novo Wallpaper Wimdows 10

* Nova tela de Bloqueio


* Antivirus

Kaspersky Free Antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus

Avaster Free Antivrus

* Navegadores


Fire fox


Opera GX

Edge chrome

* Necessary



Restore Windows 10 and Bloqueio Background Images


Windows 7 Pro – 10 Edition

============ INTEGADO =========

Net framework

Drive speech

USB drive

Theme for Windows 10

Wallpapers for Windows 10 20H2

Background lock screen blur in Windows 20H2

Icons for Windows 10 2004 20H2

========== INFORMATION =========

Architecture: x64

Idiom: PT-BR Nativo

BIOS: UEFI / Legacy

Format: ISO / ESD

Tamanho: GB

Accounts payable: Gleison Lima

Md5: 3765F26815A095C69F93797298E6D6EF

OBS: Sem Ativador.

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  • Windows 7 Pro/Ult – 10 Editio pt-BR x64 2021 torrent