The Govt. of Pakistan in collaboration with Pakistan Army has taken a unique initiative to strengthen National Economy by taking immediate measures for the sustainable development & rapid growth of five key Sectors of Pakistan. Keeping in view the proper and result oriented implementation under above mentioned initiative, a Special Investment Facilitation Council has been established. It is note worthy that the said Council has given top most priority to the growth of Agriculture Sector. A comprehensive master plan has been developed entitled “Green Pakistan Project”. The prime goal of this project is to utilize more than 9 million hectares of uncultivated waste land to enhance National Agricultural Productivity, adopting Modern Agriculture Management Practices. In first phase the LIMS is allocating uncultivated land to local and foreign investors under Corporate Farming Pact. 

It is a great pride to state that the authorities of LIMS, considering the credibility, remarkable achievements and visionary approach of Tara Group Pakistan in Agri. Sector, has allocated 6000 acres land to our organization in Cholistan. Soon after taking the possession of first phase allocated land, Tara Group has chalked out comprehensive master plan to develop and cultivate allocated land taking the following immediate measures by properly establishing Tara Corporate Farms (Pvt) Ltd. Company:-

I. Camp office has been establish at allocated area of Tara Corporate Farming Project. Trained human resource is being deputed under the command of highly experienced agriculture experts. 

II. Required financial resources have also been allocated for investment to develop allocated land for cultivation hopefully to be started in the forthcoming kharif season. 

III. Tara Group has planned to grow cotton, wheat, oil seeds, pulses, fodder crops and desert fruit plants on Tara Corporate Farming Project. Livestock is also a part of this Project.

IV. Bulldozers, lazer land levelers and heavy tractors with deep ploughing implements are being placed at Tara Corporate Farming Project to develop maximum land for cultivation in the near future. 

V. Reputed Consulting Firms for land development and to manage drip, pivot and sprinkle irrigation’s harvesting technologies are also being hired to complete the development task on top priorities. 

The Management of Tara Group is determined to develop allocated land with most advanced technologies and hoped that Tara Corporate Farming Project would Insh-Allah play a revolutionary role in the sustainable development of the country and in growth of Tara Group Pakistan as well.

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