Tara imperial industries Pvt Ltd comprises of Country’s most modern ISO 9001:2015 certified pesticides and Micro fertilizers Formulation and packaging plant equipped with GMP complied equipment, highly skilled & trained staff along with special emphasis to health and safety standards.

The plant operations are designed to ensure consistent production according to quality standards with minimum risk involved and to meet customer’s satisfaction. The plant has been designed to comply all safety and environmental monitoring requirements.

For storage of Raw Materials and Finished products; proper dedicated warehouses for pesticides and Micro fertilizers have been developed taking all safety precautionary measures into account. Warehouses staff has specially been trained on handling of chemicals.

Plant is fully equipped with state of the art and automatic machinery equipment to formulate all type of Liquids, powders, Granules both for Pesticides and Micro fertilizers products.

The plant also have best quality automatic machines for Filling/ Packaging of Liquids, Powder and Granules.

A dedicated big capacity plant has also been installed for formulation and packaging of all type of pesticides granular products. Tara plant with all these quality formulations and packaging operations ensures the supply of best consistent quality products to its customers. Plant has formal Quality control and quality assurance Laboratory which is ISO 17025 accredited to test all types of raw and finished materials.

Quality assurance department ensures quality at each step of formulation Filling/Packaging and dispatch, to ensure the supply of high quality products to end users.

For ensuring good working environment for all, Tara plant has developed a good horticulture, independent dining facilities, spacious car parking area and splendid mosque.

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