Research & Development

R&D can be a competitive advantage of any organization provided it is appropriately equipped and utilized. We at TARA Group, always strive for continuous improvement thus R&D becomes a real driving force for us. A robust and fully resourced R&D enabled TARA Group introducing products with innovative and unique formulation that is environment friendly and cost effective.

We aim to precisely meet the needs of our current and emerging markets across the country through development and introduction of existing and new products. These products are developed not only to meet but exceed our customer’s expectations in the spheres of quality and performance. We are constantly striving to develop new products beneficial for our customers.

Riginil 5% SC
Brand name:Riginil
Active Ingeridents:Fipronil
Formulation:5% SC
Spectrum:Sugercane, Rice, Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards, Other Crops
Pests:Stem borer, Red cotton bug, Dusky cotton bug, Shoot fly, Termites
Ripfos 44% EC
Brand name:Ripfos
Active Ingeridents:Profenofos + Cypermethrin
Formulation:44% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Gram, Vegetables
Pests:Spotted bollworm, American bollworm, Pod borer, Aphid & Mealy bug
Axona 10 % SC
Brand name:Axona 10 % SC
Active Ingeridents:pyriproxyfen + Imidacloprid
Formulation:10% SC
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards
Pests:white fly, Jassid, Aphids, Thrips
Barko 80% WDG
Brand name:Barko 80% WDG
Active Ingeridents:Nitenpyram + pymetrozine
Formulation:80% WDG
Spectrum:Cotton, Rice, Vegetable, Citrus, Potato
Pests:Jassid, Aphids, white fly, White backed plant hopper
Brisbane 40% EC
Brand name:Brisbane 40% EC
Active Ingeridents:Chlorpyrifos
Formulation:40% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetable, Orchards
Pests:Lepidopterous, Mealy bug, Termites
Check Worm 1.9% EC
Brand name:Check Worm
Active Ingeridents:Emamectin benzoate
Formulation:1.9% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards, other corps
Pests:American bollworm, Spatted bollworm, Army worm
Coniflex 70% WS
Brand name:Coniflex
Active Ingeridents:Imidacloprid
Formulation:70% WS
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards
Pests:Jassid, White fly, Thrips, Aphids, (Seed Treatment)
Coniflex 20% SL
Brand name:Coniflex
Active Ingeridents:Imidacloprid
Formulation:20% SL
Spectrum:Cotton, Sunflower, Potato, Peanut, Brassica, Mungbeen etc.
pests:Jassid, White fly, Thrips, Scales, Mango hopper, Aphids
Coniflex 25% WP
Brand name:Coniflex
Active Ingeridents:Imidacloprid
Formulation:25% WP
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetable, Orchards, Other Crops
Pests:Jassid, White fly, Thrips, Aphids, Scales, Mango hopper
Cumix 10% EC
Brand name:Cumix
Active Ingeridents:Cypermethrin
Formulation:10% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Tobacco, Vegetables, Orchards, Other crops
Pests:Lepidopterous, Cut worms, Mol cricket, Bollworms
Darwin 50% SC
Brand name:Darwin
Active Ingeridents:Diafenthiuron
Formulation:50% SC
Spectrum:Cotton & Vegetable
Pests:White fly, Mites,
Deltamax 36% EC
Brand name:Deltamax
Active Ingeridents:Deltamethrin + Triazophos
Formulation:36% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards
Pests:Pink bollworm, Lepidopterous, Mites, Mealy bug
Durakill 2.5 % EC
Brand name:Durakill
Active Ingeridents:Deltamethrin
Formulation:2.5 % EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetable, Orchards
Pests:Lapidopterous, Mites & Leaf folder
Echophos 40% EC
Brand name:Echophos 40% EC
Active Ingeridents:Triazophos
Formulation:40% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards
Pests:Pink bollworm, Fruite borer, Brinjal fruite borer, Mealy bug
Emodox 9 % SC
Brand name:Emodox
Active Ingeridents:Emamectin benzoate + Indoxacarb
Formulation:9 % SC
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetable, Orchards, Other Crops
Pests:Lapidopterous, American bollworm, Spotted bollworm, Fruit borer
Foxal 36% SC
Brand name:Foxal
Active Ingeridents:Chlorfenapyr
Formulation:36% SC
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards, Other Crops
Pests:Thrips, Mites, Army worm, Spotted ball worm,
Jumper 2.5% EC
Brand name:Jumper
Active Ingeridents:Lambda Cyhalothrin
Formulation:2.5% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Sugercane, Rice, Vegetables, Orchards,
Pests:Leaf folder, Black bug, Fruit borer
Knocker 18%CF
Brand name:Knocker
Active Ingeridents:chlorpyrifos + Fipronil
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards
Pests:Dusky cotton bug, Mealy bug, Red cotton bug, Termites
Lanolex 10.8% EC
Brand name:Lanolex
Active Ingeridents:Pyriproxyfen
Formulation:10.8% EC
Pests:white fly, Aphids, Jassid, Sucking pest
Latch 5% EC
Brand name:Latch
Active Ingeridents:Lufenuron
Formulation:5% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Maize, Vegetables, Orchards
Pests:Fruit borer, Lapidopterous, Armyworm
Macho Star 25% SL
Brand name:Macho Star
Active Ingeridents:Bifenthrin + Nitenpyram
Formulation:25% SL
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards, Other crops
Pests:Pink bollworm, Lepidopterous, Mites, Black bug, Leaf miner, Jassid, Aphids
Orthox 75% SP
Brand name:Orthox
Active Ingeridents:Acephate
Formulation:75% SP
Spectrum:Cotton, Rice, Vegetables
Pests:Thrips, Mites, White back plant hopper
Pyrizox 12.5% EC
Brand name:Pyrizox
Active Ingeridents:Pyrideben + Hexythiazox
Formulation:12.5% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Sugercane, Orchards, Vegetables
Pests: For all stages of mites
Pyrox Super 50% SG
Brand name:Pyrox Super
Active Ingeridents:Nitenpyram
Formulation:50% SG
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables
Pests:Jassid, Aphids
Sega Pest Clear 3% SC
Brand name:Sega Pest Clear
Active Ingeridents:Emamectin benzoate + Lufenuron
Formulation:3% SC
Spectrum:Cotton, Maize, Vegetables, Orchards
Pests:Lepidopterous, American bollworm, Spoted bollworm, Army worm, Fruite borer
Starfen 10% EC
Brand name:Starfen
Active Ingeridents:Bifenthrin
Formulation:10% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Sugercane, Vegetables, Orchard, Cucurbits
Pests:Mites, Spotted bollworm, Citrus psylla, Black bug, Leaf miner, Red pumpkin beetle
Super Lock 25% SC
Brand name:Super Lock
Active Ingeridents:Emamectin benzoate + Tebufenozide
Formulation:25% SC
Spectrum: Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards, Other Crops
Pests:American bollworm, Spoted bollworm, Army worm
Telsta 20% SC
Brand name:Telsta
Active Ingeridents:Clothianidin
Formulation:20% SC
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchard
Pests:Jassid, White fly, Thrips, Aphids, Mango hopper
Thomson 25% WDG
Brand name:Thomson
Active Ingeridents:Thiamethoxam
Formulation:25% WDG
Spectrum:Cotton, Rice, Vegetables
Pests:Jassid, Aphids, Leaf hopper, White Backed plant hopper
Trix 80% SP
Brand name:Trix
Active Ingeridents:Trichlorfon
Formulation:80% SP
Spectrum:Vegetables, Orchard
Pests:Fruit fly
Trofezon 25% WP
Brand name:Trofezon
Active Ingeridents:Buprofezin
Formulation:25% WP
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchard
Pests:White fly,
Unifos 50% EC
Brand name:Unifos
Active Ingeridents:Dichlorvos
Formulation:50% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards
Pests:Jassid, Thrips, citrus psylla, Aphids
Vandol 22% ZC
Brand name:Vandol
Active Ingeridents:Buprofezin
Formulation:22% ZC
Spectrum:Cotton, Maize, Vegetables, Orchard
Pests:Leaf Folder, Fruit borer, Leaf hopper, White back plant hopper, Aphids, Jassid
Vapco 20% SL
Brand name:Vapco
Active Ingeridents:Actemiprid
Formulation:20% SL
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards
Pests:All sucking pests
Vapco 20% SP
Brand name:Vapco
Active Ingeridents:Actemiprid
Formulation:20% SP
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchard
Pests:All sucking pests
Wash Out 26 % WDG
Brand name:Wash Out
Active Ingeridents:Actemiprid + Lambda Cyhalothrin
Formulation:26 % WDG
Spectrum:Cotton, Vegetables, Orchards, Other Crops
Pests:Jassid, White backed hopper, Leaf Folder, Grass hopper, Aphids, Black bug, Fruit borer
Atra Gold 96% EC
Brand name:Atra Gold
Active Ingeridents:S-Metolachlor
Formulation:96% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Maize, Sunflower
Weeds:Broad leaves & Narrow leaves weeds
Atracombi 80% WP
Brand name:Atracombi
Active Ingeridents:Ametryn + Atrazine
Formulation: 80% WP
Weeds:Broad leaves & Narrow leaves weeds
Broxtra 40% EC
Brand name:Broxtra
Active Ingeridents:Bromoxynil + MCPA
Formulation:40% EC
Weeds:Broad leaves weeds
Clean Core 50% EC
Brand name:Clean Core
Active Ingeridents:Acetochlor
Formulation:50% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Maize, Rice, Vegetables, pulses
Weeds:Broad leaves & Narrow leaves weeds
Clover 20% WP
Brand name:Clover
Active Ingeridents:Bispyribac sodium
Formulation:20% WP
Weeds:Broad leaves & Narrow leaves weeds
G-max Lite 15% EC
Brand name:G-max Lite
Active Ingeridents:Quizalofop-p-ethyl
Formulation:15% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Sunflower, Potato, Peanut, Brassica, Mungbeen etc.
Weeds:Narrow leaves weeds
Maxtrol 38% SC
Brand name:Maxtrol
Active Ingeridents:Atrazine
Formulation:38% SC
Weeds:Broad leaves weeds
Meture 30% SL
Brand name:Meture
Active Ingeridents:Clopyralid
Formulation:30% SL
Spectrum:Wheat, Pulses, Onion, Maize
Weeds:Broad leaves weeds
Morcas 75% WG
Brand name:Morcas
Active Ingeridents:Sulfosulfuron
Formulation:75% WG
Weeds:Broad leaves & Narrow leaves weeds
One Shot 20% WP
Brand name:One Shot
Active Ingeridents:Fluraxypr meptyl + Tribenuron methyl
Formulation:20% WP
Weeds:Broad leaves & Narrow leaves weeds
Pendulum 33% EC
Brand name:Pendulum
Active Ingeridents:Pendimethalin
Formulation:33% EC
Spectrum:Cotton, Maize, Pulses, Onion, Sunflower
Weeds:Broad leaves & narrow leaves weeds (Per emergence)
Pomaxtra 6.9% EW
Brand name:Pomaxtra
Active Ingeridents:Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl
Formulation:6.9% EW
Weeds:Narrow leaves weeds
Primechlor 60% EC
Brand name:Primechlor
Active Ingeridents:Butachlor
Formulation:60% EC
Weeds:Broad leaves & Narrow leaves weeds
Ratol 70% WP
Brand name:Ratol
Active Ingeridents:Metribuzin
Formulation:70% WP
Weeds:Broad leaves & Narrow leaves weeds
Shedder 20% SL
Brand name:Shedder
Active Ingeridents:Paraquat
Formulation:20% SL
Weeds:Broad leaves & Narrow leaves weeds, Post emergent
Short Cut 48% SL
Brand name:Short Cut
Active Ingeridents:Glyphosate
Formulation:48% SL
Spectrum:Orchards, All Crops
Weeds:For all types of weeds(Post-emergence)
Shot Gun 37% OD
Brand name:Shot Gun
Active Ingeridents:Nicosulfuron + Atrazine + Propisochlor
Formulation:37% OD
Spectrum: Maize
Weeds:Broad leaves & Narrow leaves Weeds
Skype 15% WP
Brand name:Skype
Active Ingeridents:Clodinafop propergyl
Formulation:15% WP
Weeds:Narrow leaves weeds
Stand Out 75% WDG
Brand name:Stand Out
Active Ingeridents:Halosulfuron methyl
Formulation:75% WDG
Spectrum:Maize, Sugercane, Sorghum
Weeds:Narrow leaves weeds (Cypxus sp)
Unimark 50% WP
Brand name:Unimark
Active Ingeridents:lsoproturon
Formulation:50% WP
Weeds:Broad leaves & Narrow leaves weeds
Chlrostrobin 56% SC
Brand name:Chlrostrobin
Active Ingeridents:Azoxysrobin + Chlorothalonil
Formulation:56% SC
Spectrum:Potato, Rice, Orchards, Vegetables, Other Crops
Diseases:Powdery mildew, Downy mildew, Scab, Stem rot, Early & Late blight, Rice blast, Rust
Coopix 50% WP
Brand name:Coopix
Active Ingeridents:Copper Oxychloride
Formulation:50% WP
Spectrum:Rice, Potato, Vegetables, Orchards, Other Crops
Diseases:Bacterial blight, Scab, Citrus canker
Court 80% WP
Brand name:Court
Active Ingeridents:Mancozeb
Formulation:80% WP
Spectrum:Potato, Wheat, Vegetables, Orchards, Other Crops
Diseases:Early & Late blight, Downy mildew, Leaf spots
Cytrol 75%WP
Brand name:Cytrol
Active Ingeridents:Thiophanate methyl + Chlorothalonil
Spectrum:Field Crops, Vegetables, Orchards
Diseases:Rice blast, Die back, Powdery mildew of mango, Brown leaf spot, Powdery mildew
Dora 25% EC
Brand name:Dora
Active Ingeridents:Difenoconazole
Formulation:25% EC
Spectrum:Potato, Rice, Wheat, Vegetables, Orchards
Diseases:Early & blight, Die back, Apple scab, Downy mildew, Rust, Powedery mildew
Dora Max 50% Wp
Brand name:Dora Max
Active Ingeridents:Dimethomorph + Mancozeb
Formulation:50% Wp
Spectrum:Potato, Wheat, Vegetables, Orchards
Diseases:Late blight, Downy mildew, Citrus gummosis
Juliet 25% WP
Brand name:Juliet
Active Ingeridents:Metalaxyl + Propamocarb
Formulation:25% WP
Spectrum:Potato, Vegetables, Orchards, Other Crops
Diseases:Downy mildew, Late blight, Stem & Root rot
Polard 10%EW
Brand name:Polard
Active Ingeridents:Flusilazole
Spectrum:Wheat, Cucurbits, Vegetables, Maize, Orchards
Diseases:Rust, Scab, Brown rot, Stem rot, Powdery mildew, Black rot
Rumble 32.5% SC
Brand name:Rumble
Active Ingeridents:Difenoconazole + Azoxystrobin
Formulation:32.5% SC
Spectrum:Potato, Wheat, Rice, Vegetables, Orchards
Weeds:Rice blast, Early blight, Stem rot, Weat Rust, Powdery mildew of mango, Anthrocnose, Apple scab
Super Guard 72% WP
Brand name:Super Guard
Active Ingeridents:Cymoxanil + Mancozeb
Formulation:72% WP
Spectrum:Potato, Vegetables, Orchards, Other Crops
Diseases:Early & Late blight, Downy mildew, Banana black rot
Suprazole 52.5% SE
Brand name:Suprazole
Active Ingeridents:Tricyclazole + Propiconazole
Formulation:52.5% SE
Spectrum:Rise, Wheat, Orchards, Vegetables
Diseases:Blast, Brown leaf spot, Rust, Powdery mildew, Brown rot
Sweet Spot 80% WP
Brand name:Sweet Spot
Active Ingeridents:Fosetyl aluminium
Formulation:80% WP
Spectrum:Potato, vegetables, Orchards, Other Crops
Diseases:Downy mildew, Late blight, Stem & Root rot, Citrus gummosis & Root rot
Swing 72% WP
Brand name:Swing
Active Ingeridents:Metalaxyl + Mancozeb
Formulation:72% WP
Spectrum:Potato, Vegetables, Orchards
Diseases:Downy mildew, Late blight, Stem & Root rot
Thiostar-M 70% WP
Brand name:Thiostar-M
Active Ingeridents:Thiophanate methyl
Formulation:70% WP
Spectrum:Wheat, Rice, Vegetables, Orchards
Diseases:Powdery mildew, Stem rot, Smut, Kamal bunt, Brown spot, Bakanae, Rice blast, Die back of fruit plants
Triseen 5% SL
Brand name:Triseen
Active Ingeridents:Validamycin
Formulation:5% SL
Spectrum:Potato, Rise, Vegetables, Orchards, Other Crops
Diseases:Rizocotina, Citrus canker, Bacterial leaf blight
Extra Phos 17:44:00 W/W
Brand name:Extra Phos
Active Ingeridents:Nitrogen + Phosphorus
Formulation:17:44:00 W/W
Spectrum:Vegetables, Field Crops, Orchards
Land Star 30% W/V
Brand name:Land Star
Active Ingeridents:Potash + Boron
Formulation:30% W/V
Spectrum:Vegetables, Field Crops, Orchards
Out Look 20% W/N
Brand name:Out Look
Active Ingeridents:Nitrogen
Formulation:20% W/N
Spectrum:Vegetables, Fields Crops, Orchards
Reborn 10+3.5% W/v ( Soil Conditioner)
Brand name:Reborn
Active Ingeridents:Humic acid, Fleuvic asid, Potash, other micro nutrients
Formulation:10+3.5% W/v ( Soil Conditioner)
Spectrum:Vegetables, Field Crops, Orcherds
Tara Fixer 5% W/V
Brand name:Tara Fixer
Active Ingeridents:Boron
Formulation:5% W/V
Spectrum:Vegetables, Field Crops, Orchards
Tara Green 20:20:20 W/W
Brand name:Tara Green
Active Ingeridents:Nitrogen+Phosphorus+Potash
Formulation:20:20:20 W/W
Spectrum:Vegetables, Field Crops, Orchards
Tara King 05:15:45 W/V
Brand name:Tara King
Active Ingeridents:Nitrogen+Phosphorus+Potato
Formulation:05:15:45 W/V
Spectrum:Vegetables, Field Crops, Orchards
Tara Phos 20% W/V
Brand name:Tara Phos
Active Ingeridents:Phosphorus
Formulation:20% W/V
Spectrum:Vegetables, Field Crops, Orchards
Tara Root Feed25% W/W
Brand name:Tara Root Feed
Active Ingeridents:Organic Matter, Humic acid, Sulfur, Potash, Zinc & Magnesium
Formulation:25% W/W
Spectrum:Vegetables, Field Crops, Orchards
Tara Super 08:08:06% W/V
Brand name:Tara Super
Active Ingeridents:Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash & Amino acids
Formulation:08:08:06% W/V
Spectrum:Vegetables, Field Crops, Orchards
Tara Zinc 33% G, 21% G
Brand name:Tara Zinc
Active Ingeridents:Zinc Granular
Formulation:33% G, 21% G
Spectrum:Vegetables, Field Crops, Orchards
Tara Zinc 10% W/V
Brand name:Tara Zinc
Active Ingeridents:Zinc Liquid
Formulation:10% W/V
Spectrum:Vegetables, Field Crops, Orchards
Tri Power 15:0:30:20s% W/W
Brand name:Tri Power
Active Ingeridents:Nitrogen, Phosphoruse, Postash, Sulfer, Mixture of all the essential macro & micro nutrient
Formulation:15:0:30:20s% W/W
Spectrum:Vegetables, Field Crops, Orchards
Curan 3% G
Brand name:Curan
Active Ingeridents:Carbofuron
Formulation:3% G
Spectrum:Maize, Rice, Sugercane, Vegetables, Orchards
Pests:Stem borer, Leaf folder, Nematodes
Riginil 0.4% G
Brand name:Riginil
Active Ingeridents:Fipronil
Formulation:0.4% G
Spectrum:Rice, Maize, Sugercane other crops
Pests:Stem borer, Termites
Tara Gold 5% G
Brand name:Tara Gold
Active Ingeridents:Monomehypo
Formulation:5% G
Pests:Stem borer
Tara Paidan 4% G
Brand name:Tara Paidan
Active Ingeridents:Cartap hydrochloride
Formulation:4% G
Pests:Stem borer, Leaf folder