Tara Seeds

In modern-day Agriculture, seed plays a pivotal role in increasing the quantity and quality of Agriculture produce. The Seed Division of Tara Group is striving hard to play its role in the development of hybrids of different crops. In the short span of 6 years, 20 hybrids have been enlisted as per local law and many are in the pipeline. Tara hybrids and other seeds are very popular among the farmers. As a result of Co scientists breeding efforts a large of hybrids are in the pipeline and may be approved/ enlisted in a couple of years.

Rice Hybrids


For the development of cotton varieties Tara group has very close cooperation with AARI and CEMB, a premier institution of Punjab University. Tara- CKC-333 variety has 3 genes incorporated and is resistant against bollworms (including very high tolerance against Pink Boll Worm) and glyphosate.. Similarly Tara-CII-222, resistant to bollworms is also final stages of it testing. Both of these varieties are in the NCVT trials.

Many varieties and elite advanced lines emerging from the Co breeding endeavor are at different stages of testing. It is envisaged that these will be got approved in the near future for the benefit of the end-users.